A selection of prints using Monoprints from a  jelly or mould-makers silicone matrix often adding to these using relief processes like photopolymer, woodcut, lino and type. Workshops are available for small groups of three or four people to try the process out.

See my blog for an idea of what to expect. If you might be interested in a workshop (in Brentor, Tavistock, Devon) use the contact form here.  I charge £15.00 per head for a workshop which starts at 10.30 and finishes at around 1pm (with wriggle room if people want to continue for a while) I prefer Tuesdays or Thursday mornings.  Alternatively I can travel to your space for larger groups.

Conversations on Jelly

Monotype on Japanese Paper – Devon Dresser

Conversations Series Monotype


Monotype and gold ink with Chine Colle – Angelic Hosts

Monotype and Photopolymer Series Cat On A Mission

Concertina Books -Conversations